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Welcome to Curry Dream. Our name is derived from our love of traditional Indian curry.
We have only Halal products, so we never serve beef or pork.
We are located at the heart of midtown Manhattan.

If You’re Hungry for Tikka Masala

Let’s be honest ladies and gentlemen: you’re hungry.  If you’re in Manhattan then luckily you have a ton of options in terms of where you can eat and where you can get the best Indian food. Upper West Side restaurants are home to one of the best Indian food restaurants around. There are some delicious choices, filled with native spices and flavors that will awaken your soul. Meat dishes, vegetarian options, and gluten free Indian food are all available from the rich menu of an Indian restaurant. 10014 Manhattan is actually home to one of the most authentic places in the city.

Are you in the mood for some chicken? Try one of the flavor-filled chicken dishes that are on the menu, you’ll fall in love with Indian food. Upper West Side, Manhattan offers tasty Indian cuisine like chicken tikka masala, for example, is a popular dish because it incorporates juicy chunks of roasted or grilled chicken that is then cooked with a creamy spicy sauce. But if you have dietary restrictions and are worried about food allergies, gluten free Indian food is also available.

Experience amazing Chicken Korma

Midtown NYC, are you stuck on what to get? Chicken korma and chicken tikka masala are two popular options and both are available for delivery. In fact, you’ll barely have to wait for a chicken tikka masala delivery! Upper West Side residents will get piping hot Indian food with barely any wait time.

But if you’re hungry for tikka masala, consider adding a little chicken korma. Midtown NYC is the place to be because that’s a dish that is available and equally delicious as chicken tikka masala. It’s a braised dish in creamy spice sauce. Chicken korma is often paired with nuts and mixed vegetables to add flavor and texture. If you want to try something new and delicious for dinner, then your best option is an Indian restaurant. 10014 locals will delight in the original flavors of Indian cuisine available in Midtown NYC and they’ll be going back for more, guaranteed.

Get a taste for a culture after your first bite when you try some authentic food. From chicken to lamb to gluten free, Indian food always offers the unique flavors of a prominent and beautiful people. The spices used in the food can have an impact on your health as well as your taste buds. Ginger, for example, has been known to help with digestion. It can remedy upset stomachs and has even been proven to help bone density. Turmeric, another popular spice, is used to give curry dishes their color and flavor and can help with cramps and other body aches. There are so many reasons you should order Indian food. Upper West Side Manhattan is the place to be for a deliciously healthy meal.