66 West 39th St. NYC
Tel:212-810-4125 or Fax:212-810-4124
Welcome to Curry Dream. Our name is derived from our love of traditional Indian curry.
We have only Halal products, so we never serve beef or pork.
We are located at the heart of midtown Manhattan.

Indian restaurant, 10019

Because there are so many different regions that make up Indian delicacies, there is a huge variety when it comes to putting together an Indian food menu. Tandoori fish and chicken, along with Indian rice specialties and a few kosher Indian food menu items make up everything you could ever want from an Indian restaurant. 10019 offers a lot of options for eating out, so you should always make trying an Indian restaurant a priority if you’re looking for something different. Grilled Indian specialties, rice dishes, vegetarian options, and kosher meals are all available on the menu, perfect for those of varying tastes.

Making authentic tandoori fish and chicken dishes requires prime ingredients, fresh with flavor and rich with texture. A Midtown Indian restaurant has chefs with experience cooking these dishes to perfection. Whether you’re looking for tandoori fish and chicken or a more kosher Indian menu, you’ll find something to appease your taste buds.

Dining at a Midtown Indian restaurant

For the best Indian food specialties, a restaurant on the Upper West Side is exactly what you’re looking for. The best Midtown Indian restaurant will have everything you want, from amazing food to a spectacular atmosphere. The chefs, servers, and other staff are passionate about the culture surrounding Indian cuisine and making sure they get everything right. Cooking Indian rice specialties and chicken dishes is part of that passion; they want to turn their patrons on to new dishes and show them how delicious and authentic Indian cuisine can be when it’s prepared properly.

Grilled Indian specialties and vegetarian dishes make up a fantastic Indian food menu. Whether you want the food delivered for a meeting or a party, or you’re just looking for a great night out, you’ll always enjoy a delicious meal at a Midtown Indian restaurant. Make a reservation or make sure you order your food ahead because these restaurants can get busy. The owners make it a point to create a seating plan that allows room for patrons to enjoy their dinners without feeling like they are sitting on top of another table. The enjoyable experience will make Indian food specialties your first choice for lunch and dinner.