66 West 39th St. NYC
Tel:212-810-4125 or Fax:212-810-4124
Welcome to Curry Dream. Our name is derived from our love of traditional Indian curry.
We have only Halal products, so we never serve beef or pork.
We are located at the heart of midtown Manhattan.

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When dining at the best Indian restaurant, 10018 residents know delivery is always an option. It makes dinner a lot easier on busy individuals looking for a little help, but it’s also just an excellent service to use. There are a few fears that come along with ordering an Indian food delivery, like the timeliness and the quality of the food you’re getting, but luckily, a Midtown food delivery guarantees everything will go off without a hitch. Whether you order online or over the phone, you’ll get your favorite authentic Indian food. NYC & Midtown restaurants prepare what you want and deliver it right to your door.

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For the best Indian food, NYC Midtown restaurants have a fantastic menu, all of which is available for delivery. The food encompasses ingredients and cuisine from different native areas of India, which allows for so many different flavors and recipes. There’s even something for those following a vegetarian or kosher diet.

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Why leave your house when you can get delivery from an Indian restaurant? Midtown West offers so many different options, but you should be careful which you choose. You want a varied menu, reliable delivery service, and professional, friendly delivery staff. A truly great Indian restaurant delivery will leave you salivating once you’re done, ready to order dinner again tomorrow.

While there may be a minimum if you’re looking for a delivery, you’ll find that it’s easy to get enough Indian food. Manhattan restaurants price their menu fairly but they have so many intriguing options that you’ll want to try a little bit of everything. In Midtown, food delivery options are all over the place, but Indian delicacies are among the best since there is something new to try every time. Order for dinner when you don’t feel like cooking and save the leftovers. Of course, don’t forget to tip your delivery person!