66 West 39th St. NYC
Tel:212-810-4125 or Fax:212-810-4124
Welcome to Curry Dream. Our name is derived from our love of traditional Indian curry.
We have only Halal products, so we never serve beef or pork.
We are located at the heart of midtown Manhattan.

Bread From the Clay Oven


a soft white bread baked in the clay oven

Garlic Nan$3.95

freshly baked white bread topped with garlic

Onion Kulcha$3.95

freshly baked white bread topped with onion and coriander

Tandoori Paratha$3.95

layered whole wheat bread baked in clay oven

Cheese Nan$4.95

freshly baked white bread filled with homemade cheese

Keema Nan$4.95

flaky whole wheat bread filled with minced meat


fluffy whole wheat bread

Alu Paratha$4.95

whole wheat bread stuffed with mashed potatoes and light spices

Peshwari Nan$4.95

white flour bread stuffed with coconut, almonds and raisins


thinner whole wheat bread