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Welcome to Curry Dream. Our name is derived from our love of traditional Indian curry.
We have only Halal products, so we never serve beef or pork.
We are located at the heart of midtown Manhattan.

Midtown West Indian catering

There are so many different Manhattan catering delivery options when you are holding parties or meetings. Indian food meals in particular are perfect for catering parties or meetings. There are many different dishes to enjoy and they don’t lose any flavor or spice when cooked for larger groups. Delicious meals aimed to satisfy different tastes and dietary restrictions will create well-rounded meal options for everyone involved. While there is usually a minimum delivery charge, Indian food catering prices will vary, depending on what you get. Indian food menu catering options won’t make it hard to get there when you’re feeding a larger group. Additionally, a Midtown West Indian catering service requires advance notice serving large groups. Ideally, you’ll be able to give advance notice when planning parties but if you’re getting a large meeting at the last minute, try to order two hours in advance. That gives the chefs time to prepare your Indian food meals without having to rush and throw it together at the last minute.

Manhattan catering delivery for parties
There are packages and trays available if you’re getting delivery Indian food for parties. The trays will serve more people, ensuring everyone gets something to eat. You can also order drinks as part of a Manhattan catering delivery.

Delivery Indian food for meetings
For business meetings, it’s sometimes easier to order everything on an individual basis. You’ll place the order at once, of course, but each person can choose what he or she wants as opposed to setting up trays in buffet style. Choose anything from a Midtown West Indian catering menu to and get it delivered just in time for lunch meetings.

For both of these options, Indian food catering prices and minimums remain the same. It’s a $35 minimum, usually, and you’ll have to order two hours in advance as well. Indian food catering uses all the best imported ingredients and it’s perfect for impressing clients or making sure you have something to eat at your parties. There are so many different types of Indian food meals that if you’re ordering on an individual basis, there will be a lot of sharing going on at the table.